Thank you, voters

May 31 2019

I WOULD like to extend a huge thank you very much to everyone who voted for us, pounded the streets leafleting and canvassing and worked behind the scenes.

It is also hugely encouraging to see so many new lovely people of all ages from a diverse range of backgrounds, have been elected – quite a lot are even women. How amazing is that. Let’s hope Mendip is about to enter a new era!

Lois Rogers

• I WOULD like to thank the residents of the Central Ward of the city that had faith and voted for me in the recent election.

When a by-election is called I will be back.

Martin R Cooke

• TO everyone who took the time to vote in the Wells election, thank you – your vote mattered.

And to those who voted for me, thank you for believing in me.

Standing as a council candidate has been a life-changing experience. What I have learned will never be unlearned. I met wonderful people who allowed me to share a moment of their daily lives, and I was able to hear about some of the challenges they face. I also developed new relationships, which I fully intend to build upon.

I truly believe that much has been achieved in our special city through this local election, and I believe that it will bear much fruit in the years to come.

God bless you.

Stacey McIntosh
By email