This is like a cancer on the countryside

February 27 2020

AFTER reading the depressing news of new housing developments on pages 17 and 39 of February’s Wells Voice, we received a card in the post from Gladman informing us of yet another proposed housing development in Wookey Hole Road, in addition to the one we found out about last month next to the Underwood Industrial Estate.

This is like a cancer on the countryside in and around Wells. It is a desecration, an assault and a threat to the status of Wells (a very special city!) and the residents of Wookey Hole Road, Wookey Hole, Haybridge, Wookey and Wells. The destruction of green land, hedges, trees, wild flowers, insect life, etc: all destroyed for hundreds of houses that are not needed here. Recent research found that there are enough brownfield sites in Somerset to satisfy government requirements, so why take green land?

Consider the lack of local infrastructure and facilities. Every 100 houses means 200+ cars which will rat-run up Haybridge, into Wookey Hole Road and Ash Lane on to the Old Bristol Road to reach their work destination. Consider also that new housing developments are against national and local climate change / carbon footprint policy with their destruction and construction with diesel machinery and movement of construction materials from – who knows where?

Do we have a voice? Yes. But do we have the democratic power to challenge the councils and construction companies (who have unlimited funds to employ lawyers)?

Use your voice – and your power.

Steve Barton
(Brownfield site resident)