Wells Twinning Association

June 28 2017
Wells Twinning Association

SINCE the AGM five members of the Committee of Wells Twinning Association have visited our Friendship Town of Kluczbork in Poland from May 7-10.

This was a reciprocal visit following a Kluczbork delegation visiting Wells in October 2016.

The Kluczbork Mayor and Council organised a varied programme for us. We visited sports facilities, which were exceptional and available for all citizens of Kluczbork. The Mayor received us at the Town Hall where he gave a presentation of the current facilities and plans to develop Kluczbork. Following the presentation we were given a tour of the Town Hall.

A short walk led us to the museum, to receive a fascinating presentation on the history of bee keeping and honey production, including a collection of beehives from the past 200 years. After lunch the party went to the apiary. The people from Kluczbork are passionate and very proud of their local honey, and we tasted many varieties.

The following day we visited the Potable Water Treatment Plant followed by the town's Waste Water Plant. Our hosts then took us to a day centre for the elderly and disabled, all those attending were being helped with various tasks to enable them to either live on their own or work in the community. Physiotherapy was also available. The whole party was very impressed with the facilities, and particularly the staff at the day centre.

The next item on the programme was lunch at a kindergarten and tour of the school. Children arrive from 6am in the morning! Children with special educational needs were integrated in to the school and had all necessary equipment for their needs which included a brilliant multi sensory room.

Our last visit was to a music school where we were given a tour and a concert, which was exceptional. Finally we had a farewell meal on Tuesday evening with the Mayor of Kluczbork and members of his council and council officers. Wells Twinning Association could not have had better hosts, and we look forward to developing the friendship between Kluczbork and Wells.

Friday, June 16, saw the twinning association hosting our friends from our twin town of Bad Durkheim albeit for one day. The highlight of the day was a barbecue at the rugby club in the evening.

The Italian Festival, Romulus and Remus, will be held on July 2 at Beech Barrow, Penn Hill, Wells, from noon – tickets £12.50 with concessions for children. Please do come and join us for a fantastic afternoon and evening of eating, singing and dancing. Tickets from Tony D’Ovidio (07770 994652) and Tony Guidi (07976 511680).

Finally, a visit to Paray Le Monial has been arranged and will take place from August 22-28.

If you would like further information about Wells Twinning Association please contact Dawn Payne. Tel: 01749 675858 or email dawn_payne@hotmail.co.uk.