What next for valued network?

July 02 2020
What next for valued network?

THE Wells Coronavirus Network has come a long way in a few months but is also looking to the future.

WCN was founded in March, a week before lockdown as the country faced a pandemic crisis. People were worried and frightened. Action to support the vulnerable would be essential.

So seven acquaintances met in Daniel’s Cafe and formed an action plan. WCN has grown rapidly since then with more than 300 volunteers and has:

• Answered 1,100 calls on its phone helpline

• Delivered 650 prescriptions to the vulnerable

• Made hundreds of befriending phone calls to the lonely and isolated

• Provided emergency food parcels to those in need

• Created a website full of information related to coronavirus

• Raised more than £5,000

The virus is still here but WCN is asking if its hundreds of volunteers and the growth in community spirit that has been seen in the last three months can transform into something of long-term benefit to Wells.

To seek residents’ views it has created a questionnaire online at https://forms.gle/Q5rrnTQup7DmxDkU6 and a printed one in the centre of the July 2020 issue of Wells Voice.

There are collection boxes for completed forms from Wells Voice at Morrisons and Waitrose in Wells. Or they can be left with Sharon at the Connect Centre (Monday-Friday 10am-3pm only) or Graham at City News in the High Street. Alternatively, they can be posted to Launcherley Farm, New Road, Wells BA5 1QJ.