Work under way on second figure for museum mural

December 29 2021
Work under way on second figure for museum mural

MODELLING work on Bishop Beckynton for the community mural for Wells Museum is now completed.

As soon as the bishop was cut into pieces and drying on the shelves, the next group of eight started work on the second figure: Dean William Turner and his beautiful herbals.

Half the group is modelling up the herbals that will surround him, based on the woodcuts that appear in Turner’s Book of Herbals – the first to be written in the English language. Meanwhile the rest of the group is elaborating project leader Philippa Threlfall’s schematic design, modelling up the head and body of the Dean himself.  He is simply dressed, reflecting his puritan approach to the Christian faith.

In the new year a third group will meet to model up Herbert Balch, the founder of the museum, with a Mendip cave behind him. Glazing the figures will begin in early spring, introducing tone and rich colour to the whole… and more firings.

When everyone is happy with the figures they will be assembled and put into resin panels ready for erection on the museum’s wall later in the year. There will be writing naming and dating the three figures and an acknowledgment: “Made in the year of The Queen’s Jubilee 2022 by inhabitants of Wells.”

• Picture by Ann Cook