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April 27 2022

Website that helps in cheapest fuel search

IN the latest Wells Voice there was an article on petrol prices and more transparency, with talk of an official fuel price search engine... Read More

April 27 2022

Shocked to see the rates charged here

I HAVE just read your article on petrol prices in Wells and was surprised to read a different explanation to the one I was given by a Morrisons’ employee in their petrol station... Read More

April 27 2022

Heartfelt article is a good sign for future

I HAVE just read the heartfelt article written by Wells Blue School pupil Autumn Goulding, about the effect the pandemic has had on the nation’s children (Opinion, April 2022)... Read More

April 27 2022

Insightful view of challenging time

I WOULD like to thank you for giving Autumn Goulding an opportunity to express their views on the impact of Covid over the last two years... Read More

March 02 2022

New larger Lidl store would benefit Wells

HOW very short-sighted for planning consent to have been refused for an enlarged Lidl store in Wells. .. Read More

December 29 2021

Reality is that COP26 has just kicked can down the road

I WAS initially encouraged to read James Heappey’s ‘Message from the MP’ in December’s Wells Voice. In it he writes, “Climate change and the environment are topics of great importance to my constituents here in Wells.”.. Read More

November 24 2021

Respiratory virus to be alert for in young

THIS winter doctors predict that more babies and toddlers than ever will catch RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and the latest information from the UK’s public health protection agency, UKHSA, shows that cases of RSV in the South West are on the rise... Read More

October 27 2021

Tending garden has been real pleasure

IT is with great regret I will no longer tend the garden for the residents of Wells Almshouse Trust – the private communal gardens behind St Cuthbert’s Church. .. Read More

September 01 2021 Thanks for bringing back laptop case

Thanks for bringing back laptop case

I WOULD like to thank the gentleman who very kindly returned my laptop case that was dropped in or around Woodbury Avenue, Wells, in early July... Read More

September 01 2021

On hand for anyone experiencing grief

WHEN someone close to you dies it is, and has always been, terribly difficult. .. Read More