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August 27 2020

Tables give Square a delightful charm

I’M writing in connection with Chris Borrison’s recently published letter ref Wells Market Square and the potential this has for a highly agreeable piazza-style facility... Read More

August 27 2020

Checklist for those wishing to donate

THE team at the Blue Cross charity shop on the High Street in Wells is delighted to have now reopened since lockdown and we look forward to welcoming back our loyal customers. .. Read More

July 30 2020

If only Square could always be traffic-free

IN the last few days, I have been able to enjoy a coffee at a cafe, sitting outside in the sun and in a traffic-free Wells Market Square. Most enjoyable!.. Read More

July 30 2020

Maybe it’s time for pedestrianised trial

ON Saturday, market day, I was in town from 11am to 1pm and although the one-way pavement system is more obvious now, it was being almost totally ignored... Read More

July 02 2020

Persuasive case for reopening rail line

I HAVE been thinking lately about the potential to reopen the railway line from Yatton to Wells, closed by the Beeching Axe in the Sixties. .. Read More

July 02 2020

Action needed to protect the ducks

Copy of a letter sent to The Bishop’s Palace and shared with Wells Voice:.. Read More

June 04 2020

Thank you for online version of the Voice

THANK you for the Wells Voice being online for May 2020. .. Read More

June 04 2020

Rural character of landscape at risk

IN the April edition of Wells Voice, Adrian I’Anson made a spirited plea for the value of a Neighbourhood Plan, at a time when localism was making a welcome comeback in tackling the Covid-19 epidemic. .. Read More

June 04 2020

Thanks for clearing up after dog owners

I WOULD like to say thank you to Neighbourhood Services at Mendip District Council... Read More

May 30 2020

Turn square into socially safe cafe

Copy of a letter sent to Wells City Council administration officer Kevin Westwood and shared with Wells Voice:.. Read More