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June 04 2020

Thank you for online version of the Voice

THANK you for the Wells Voice being online for May 2020. .. Read More

June 04 2020

Rural character of landscape at risk

IN the April edition of Wells Voice, Adrian I’Anson made a spirited plea for the value of a Neighbourhood Plan, at a time when localism was making a welcome comeback in tackling the Covid-19 epidemic. .. Read More

June 04 2020

Thanks for clearing up after dog owners

I WOULD like to say thank you to Neighbourhood Services at Mendip District Council... Read More

May 30 2020

Turn square into socially safe cafe

Copy of a letter sent to Wells City Council administration officer Kevin Westwood and shared with Wells Voice:.. Read More

February 27 2020

This is like a cancer on the countryside

AFTER reading the depressing news of new housing developments on pages 17 and 39 of February’s Wells Voice, we received a card in the post from Gladman informing us of yet another proposed housing development in Wookey Hole Road, in addition to the one we found out about last month next to the Underwood Industrial Estate... Read More

February 27 2020

Road so bad it nearly shook off bonnet

TOR Street being closed for resurfacing due to a “steady decline in the condition of the surface” is a necessary evil, but potholes in Tor Street are no new thing. .. Read More

January 31 2020

Scandalous to dig up road again

THE A39 from Wells to Glastonbury is a Class A road, and a busy one; however, it is rarely without traffic control due to various utilities digging up the road. .. Read More

December 31 2019

Parking in street must be standardised

I WAS upset to see a traffic warden, for the first time, patrolling St Cuthbert Street on a Sunday (on Reindeer Parade day) catching visitors out due to the bizarre and seemingly conflicting parking notice which applies to one side of the road only... Read More

November 02 2019

Wells Neighbourhood Plan

MANY readers will recall consultations back in 2015/16 based on the Wells Neighbourhood Plan. .. Read More

November 02 2019

Collection should be out in the open

THE recent Phillips Portraits exhibition at the Wells and Mendip Museum is only a part of a major collection of images of people and landmarks in the area of Wells, Glastonbury, Street, Shepton Mallet and the neighbouring villages, where many families still reside, taken by Bert Phillips in the 1890s onwards... Read More