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January 06 2021

Thank you to a Christmas Angel

I WANT to thank a Christmas Angel called Ruby. .. Read More

January 06 2021

Annexe has already been paid for once

THE old Blue School Portway Annexe site was bought and paid for by the ratepayers of Wells City Council, Somerset County Council and Central Government, therefore like all state schools, I believe, a Community Asset. .. Read More

December 02 2020 Six simple rules for dealing with virus

Six simple rules for dealing with virus

I HAVE been reading the memoirs of my uncle, Colonel Rollo Gillespie. He served in India for much of his career. .. Read More

December 02 2020

Repair Cafe a great help to me as well

READING about the ‘Repairer fixed radio and microwave’ letter in November’s issue, I would like to thank Julie Wright for introducing me to Mike Philliskirk through the Wells Repair Cafe. .. Read More

December 02 2020

Ideal post office site there all this time

THE headline that the Post Office is looking to protect services rings hollow when they closed the city post office in July. .. Read More

October 29 2020

Building meant lot to group’s members

JOHN Osman should be thanked by the community for bringing to our attention the closing of the Somerset Skills and Learning (SS&L) building. .. Read More

October 29 2020

Repairer fixed radio and microwave

A LINE to add to praise for Julie Wright, organiser of the Wells Repair Cafe, which although closed at the moment is still able to help with her network of local fixers... Read More

October 15 2020 Lot to celebrate this Black Cat Day

Lot to celebrate this Black Cat Day

CAT-LOVERS have a lot to celebrate this Black Cat Day (October 27) with Cats Protection’s news that black and black-and-white cats are no longer overlooked as they once were... Read More

October 01 2020

Dogs off lead are a danger to cyclists

SINCE lockdown I have taken up cycling for exercise and I regularly use the cycle paths around Wells. .. Read More

August 27 2020

Tables give Square a delightful charm

I’M writing in connection with Chris Borrison’s recently published letter ref Wells Market Square and the potential this has for a highly agreeable piazza-style facility... Read More