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September 01 2021

On hand for anyone experiencing grief

WHEN someone close to you dies it is, and has always been, terribly difficult. .. Read More

July 28 2021

Figure quoted does not cover everything

WHILE the cost to buy the Portway Annexe council tax precept increase is 5.54 per cent per year increase for 25 years (July edition, page 24), this figure excludes any running costs, improvements, maintenance and important fixed costs like rates at around £16.5k per year... Read More

July 28 2021

Absence of disabled parking a concern

I AM concerned about the absence of Disabled and other parking in the Market Place. .. Read More

June 29 2021 Amount of rubbish a growing problem

Amount of rubbish a growing problem

DELIGHTFUL as it is to see the cafe culture and consequent increase in visitors to the city, it is equally dispiriting to notice the amount of rubbish around the place... Read More

June 29 2021

Unexpected filming spoilt visit to Wells

MY wife and I had a disappointing experience of Wells as first-time visitors recently... Read More

June 29 2021

Ownership could not be given away

I AM writing to draw attention to a misleading statement in Wells Voice for June... Read More

May 26 2021

Honoured to be voted onto council

I WAS very honoured and touched to be voted onto Wells City Council as Councillor for the Wells Central Ward... Read More

April 28 2021

Please dig deep when carnivals do return

THERE’S one major issue I have with the article on page 13 of the April issue (‘How we long for carnival to thrill us again’)... Read More

March 31 2021

I wish others would keep their distance

I AM shocked every day whilst in the city how many people ignore the signage for a pedestrian one-way system... Read More

March 31 2021

Correct email address for ordering book

THANK you for your excellent piece about my book Memories of a Village Grocer in the March edition of Wells Voice. .. Read More