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December 02 2020

Ideal post office site there all this time

THE headline that the Post Office is looking to protect services rings hollow when they closed the city post office in July. .. Read More

October 29 2020

Building meant lot to group’s members

JOHN Osman should be thanked by the community for bringing to our attention the closing of the Somerset Skills and Learning (SS&L) building. .. Read More

October 29 2020

Repairer fixed radio and microwave

A LINE to add to praise for Julie Wright, organiser of the Wells Repair Cafe, which although closed at the moment is still able to help with her network of local fixers... Read More

October 15 2020 Lot to celebrate this Black Cat Day

Lot to celebrate this Black Cat Day

CAT-LOVERS have a lot to celebrate this Black Cat Day (October 27) with Cats Protection’s news that black and black-and-white cats are no longer overlooked as they once were... Read More

October 01 2020

Dogs off lead are a danger to cyclists

SINCE lockdown I have taken up cycling for exercise and I regularly use the cycle paths around Wells. .. Read More

August 27 2020

Tables give Square a delightful charm

I’M writing in connection with Chris Borrison’s recently published letter ref Wells Market Square and the potential this has for a highly agreeable piazza-style facility... Read More

August 27 2020

Checklist for those wishing to donate

THE team at the Blue Cross charity shop on the High Street in Wells is delighted to have now reopened since lockdown and we look forward to welcoming back our loyal customers. .. Read More

July 30 2020

If only Square could always be traffic-free

IN the last few days, I have been able to enjoy a coffee at a cafe, sitting outside in the sun and in a traffic-free Wells Market Square. Most enjoyable!.. Read More

July 30 2020

Maybe it’s time for pedestrianised trial

ON Saturday, market day, I was in town from 11am to 1pm and although the one-way pavement system is more obvious now, it was being almost totally ignored... Read More

July 02 2020

Persuasive case for reopening rail line

I HAVE been thinking lately about the potential to reopen the railway line from Yatton to Wells, closed by the Beeching Axe in the Sixties. .. Read More