Wells Voice Your Views

May 31 2019

Thank you, voters

I WOULD like to extend a huge thank you very much to everyone who voted for us, pounded the streets leafleting and canvassing and worked behind the scenes... Read More

March 27 2019

What future role will councils play?

WITH reference to the piece on page 14 (Wells Voice March edition) concerning changes to local government... Read More

February 27 2019

Residents’ parking schemes have a number of drawbacks

WE were interested to hear the views of residents discussing the traffic problems in Wells at the recent public meeting, during which a suggestion was made that a residents’ parking scheme should be introduced. .. Read More

January 30 2019

Residents losing out as the city expands

WELLS residents love our High Street, the Square, and the Cathedral with its Bishop’s Palace and moat walk... Read More

January 30 2019

Pedestrianisation not what we need

PLEASE think again about making Wells pedestrianised, the access for disabled people is already limited and I, for one, do not want the town ‘set in aspic’. .. Read More

November 28 2018

This carnival was for you, Martin

AFTER months of preparations, the Wells Carnival was the city’s biggest community event success, firstly with kind weather, some of the best carts for years, huge crowds, excellent marshalling and no hold ups... Read More

October 31 2018

Something must be done about chaotic situation in North Road

TWO site meetings were held in October on the chaos of North Road in Wells... Read More

August 01 2018

Thanks for help with printing

PLEASE may I, through Wells Voice, thank the Swan Hotel for coming to my aid to help in the printing of the Phillips portrait photographs... Read More

June 27 2018

Park and ride scheme long overdue

I WOULD like to endorse every word said by Margaret Hollis last month on parking (or lack of it) in Wells. .. Read More

May 30 2018

Are multi-storey car parks the answer?

I WANT to endorse the objections made about the increase in parking fees, which will, as Tessa Munt pointed out, simply put greater pressure on the few free spaces available on the streets. .. Read More